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Why Design?

Every Beautiful Home starts with a Master Plan. And the same applies for your Pool and Landscape. At Texture, we can create your Master Plan providing the most important tool to complete your project. The cost is fraction of what some typical Landscape Architect Firms would charge plus we include color final renderings and all the consultation needed to make you feel comfortable with the end result.

With a completed Design and Construction ready plans, you now have many options to
help see the design become a reality. You can submit your plans to multiple contractors to bid on. This gives you, the homeowner, an “apples to apples” price comparison and a feel
for each every contractor.

Or use Textures “Preferred Vendor Program” which includes a list of pre screened licensed
and insured contractors that are ready to bid on your project. Most Contractors prefer to be on our Vendor List because they know that the hard work of design has been completed and
only minor revisions may be required in the field. Knowing that they are bidding against each other helps to maintain a competitive edge. There is no additional fee to you to participate
in this program. Texture works with both you and the contractors through the entire bidding process. Texture also can work with the chosen Contractor and Homeowner as a “Project Manager” to oversee that the Design is carried out at the construction phase.

Some Homeowners would prefer to install their own landscape. With the Construction ready plans, this helps to make that possible. The work could be segregated into different phases of the project, as to make a time table goal for completion of the job. This also helps that in the event you choose to hire out certain portions of the project while doing other parts yourself.

To learn more about Texture Design and what we can do for you, call us at 602-881-3624 or email us at dwright56@cox.net . We can either discuss in more detail over the phone or arrange to meet on site. Also visit the “Design Process”  on this web site for a better understanding.