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The Design Process

The design Process begins with a site visit to gain an understanding of the client’s desires while at the same time assessing their needs, budget and time table

Elements and conditions of the site such as sun aspect, drainage, grades, existing features, and view corridors are analyzed.

Using information gathered, concepts are created using a variety of media that may include sketches, renderings, elevations and a bird’s eye view that are presented to the client for approval.

Once the conceptual design is approved detailed drawings are created. A scaled dimensional layout plan is created that includes working drawings of construction and soft scape details. The plan will be used as a guide for installation once it is approved by the client.

Texture Design works directly with selected contractors to bring the design to life by placing landscape contours, rock work, walls, pathways, water features, lighting, sculptures and plants. Texture pays strict attention to detail, structural integrity and sustainability throughout the installation process.